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At the coronary heart of every good door set up is a durable and precisely created door frame. If the door body underneath the door jambs is flimsy or if it is not accurate, almost everything created on top rated of it will not get the job done properly. On the other hand, if you do frame the door very well, the door jambs and trim will glimpse specialist and the door itself will swing totally free and shut tightly.

The good thing is a door body just isn’t high priced or tough to develop. A door body is composed only of two-by-fours and nails. Creating a effectively-designed door body is primarily about slicing the two-by-fours accurately and nailing them in the ideal places. No other resources are essential and your only resources are a hammer, noticed, amount, and measuring tape.


Frequently a door’s rough opening will be 2 inches broader and 2 to 2-1/2 inches taller than the true door dimension. This accounts for 3/4 inch jambs and bottom threshold. For a pre-hung 36 inch vast by 80 inch tall door with threshold, the finished tough opening would be 38 inches huge by 82 inches tall. It is most effective to know the precise door and producers tough opening suggestions right before commencing.

How a Excellent Door Frame Is Developed

Top of the Door

  • Header: The header is a horizontal two-by-4 that runs the width of the door body. It is the best-most part of the door frame. The leading of the door’s uncovered casing will attach to the header.
  • Small Support Studs: Limited vertical studs run concerning the header and the prime plate.


The top plate is a doubled-up collection of two-by-fours that run consistently all around the perimeter of a room or the residence. The top plate is by now portion of the house and is not part of the door body design.

Bottom of the Door

A horizontal two-by-four base (or sole) plate rests on the home’s subfloor. The developing elements that kind the sides of the door—the king stud and the jack stud—rest on the base plate. The sole/bottom plate could possibly already be in put or you may well require to add it.

Sides of the Door

  • King Stud: The king stud is a vertical two-by-four that runs from the sole plate to the leading plate. The best of the king stud touches the base of the top plate.
  • Jack Stud: The jack stud is a vertical two-by-four that runs from the sole plate to the header. The top of the jack stud touches the bottom of the header and supports the header.