Glazing A Double-Pane Window With A Solitary Pane Of Glass


At the glass fix business wherever I get the job done in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the very least once a 7 days we get a phone from a business or house owner with a broken double-pane window who asks us if we can switch it with just a solitary pane of glass.

Why in the entire world, you talk to, would anyone want to exchange a double-pane window with a single pane? There are two explanations for this. Just one is the time aspect. Double-pane windows (also referred to as a thermal or insulated windows) have to be custom-ordered and normally choose concerning 5 and ten performing times to be manufactured, whilst installing a single pane into the opening is a thing that can be performed that really exact same day. The other cause is price tag. As a person would envision, a double-pane window is much more high priced. Just after all, a single pane of glass is just that. Conversely, a thermal window, in addition to obviously getting two panes of glass, also has quite a bit of engineering built into it. And technologies is just not affordable. Replacing a large double-pane windows can be a sizeable cost.

As significantly as the real position is worried, converting a professional double-pane window to a single pane is a comparatively straightforward make a difference. For modern storefront glazing (regarded as “flush-glaze”) suppliers promote a straightforward converter system that drops into the current body and re-configures it to a solitary-glazing width. Converting a residential window, nonetheless, is a unique tale. Residential frames and sashes are created to maintain a double-pane window (identified as a “unit”) of a very distinct thickness, and due to the proprietary nature of residential windows and no doubt a basic lack of desire, there exists no converter program for this endeavor. But that will not imply it are not able to be performed. And completed nicely, at that.

On a reasonably standard basis I appear across a property owner or, more typically, an condominium dweller who, for 1 purpose or another unquestionably insists that they will need to have their double-pane window repaired that very same day. It is for these shoppers I have developed the following technique for undertaking these a maintenance, the final result of which is semi-permanent (it can be simply reversed), and has an air-tight, h2o-tight seal.

Immediately after removing and disassembling the sash, then de-glazing the previous thermal device, a one piece of plate glass with a thickness of 3/16 or 1/4 inch (as opposed to the two items of 5/32 inch glass which is generally discovered in household thermal windows) is minimize to a dimension that matches snugly into the sash and is laid flat in a continuous bead of silicone on the inside of the exterior side of the body. 1/16th inch thick neoprene location blocks are then wedged together the edge of the glass, two for every facet. These act as a extremely efficient shock absorber between the glass and the sash, and maintain the pane from going in any direction.

Future, a second bead of silicone is laid all-around the edge of the inside aspect of the glass. Lastly, a number of meticulously-sized compact wood blocks (generally two or three for every side) are wedged involving the inside facet of the sash and the glass, forcing the pane snugly up in opposition to the exterior facet of the sash.At this place the window is then re-mounted. Right after the silicone cures in 72 hours, the customer pulls out the wooden blocks and it can be done.

I’ve been executing this form of window mend for virtually 15 several years and have under no circumstances experienced a solitary simply call-back again or grievance. There are, even so, two caveats that need to be defined to the shopper ahead of I concur to do the occupation. The to start with is evident – that they drop the thermal homes of owning a double-pane window. The 2nd is that, although the window will seem the exact from the exterior, there will in simple fact be a gap of a 1/2 to 3/4 inch inside of the sash. After all, if you set a 1/4 piece of glass into an opening that measures 7/8 of an inch, you however have a 5/8 inch distinction. As it is, the inside of of the sash is the exact coloration as the exterior, so the visible big difference is negligible.

And there you have it.


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