How to Repair a Sagging Door


You may have been working with that sagging door for decades ahead of deciding to do a little something about it. The great information, however, is that fixing sagging doors is easy, fast, and inexpensive. With just a couple of instruments, you will have the door re-aligned and swinging freely in no time at all.

What Brings about Sagging Doors?

A sagging door tilts downward and to the aspect. Often, the sag is not seen when the door is open up. But opening and closing the door causes the door to scrape the door jamb at the top. Doors with pronounced sags can adhere to the point exactly where it turns into challenging to open up or near the door.

As residences age, it is not unusual for doors to start out to sag. In most scenarios, the source of the trouble can be traced to the top hinge. Screws in the top rated hinge could transform unfastened or they may well start to pull straight out.

Hinges are strong fixtures that can last for a long time. But in some situations, the hinge leaves or the hinge pin may possibly start out to use out. Loose hinges could want new pins or may will need to be replaced entirely.

Often, a prior operator may perhaps have added a spacer to the top rated hinge. The spacer may be a slim strip of cardboard inserted beneath either hinge leaf and possible was developed to trigger the door to in good shape into the frame more tightly.

Paint or stain may possibly have been added to the mortise in the door or door jamb. At times, doors are taken off for painting and the complete door edge is painted or stained. Added levels of paint or stain act like spacers to drive the door out of alignment.


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