Expert Windows Product Range

Our Windows Are Available With Double And Triple Glazing To Suit The Insulation Requirements For Each Project.

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC French Windows

uPVC French Windows

uPVC Vertical sliding sash Windows

uPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium Casement Tilt and Turn Windows

Aluminium & uPVC Flush Windows

Popular window colours

Expert Windows offers a wide selection of colour pallet and shapes to meet any specific project.


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Windows repair service

Looking to repair or replace your old windows or fit new ones?
We can supply and fit a wide range of replacements
in wood, glass, UPVC and aluminium.

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Experience of 10+ years

We have over 10 years in the window and door repair and installation industry.

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Happy Customers

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We know that cost can be an issue and we aim to provide the highest quality of work, without breaking the bank.

The features of uPVC windows

Airtightness Thermal insulation Sound proofing

Airtightness Thermal insulation Sound proofing




Ecologically friendly

Ecologically friendly

Practicality and ease of maintenance

Practicality and ease of maintenance

Individual sizes and shapes

Individual sizes and shapes

Our Lates Works

Expert Windows

Expert Window Ltd is a well-known double glazing firm situated in Expert Window Ltd, Dublin. Because we understand that security is important to homeowners, we can install high security Yale shootbolt locking systems on all of our windows.

All of our windows are manufactured in the Dublin and are made entirely of lead-free and recyclable materials. Our double glazing series has an A+12 Window Energy Rating for energy efficiency. Combine this with the most up-to-date double glazing available, and your home will be a dependably warm and comfortable place to be.

Expert Window Ltd Windows provide a variety of double glazing options, including our popular uPVC casement systems, unique tilt and turn profiles, and modern aluminium windows. We will have a window style to suit your home’s style, whether it’s new or ancient.

Free Online Quotes

Your home reflects your style and serves as an extension of your personality. That is why it is critical that it fits precisely in your home. Input your property’s measurements to receive an instant quote that is properly tailored to your home.

Despite the fact that we are situated in Dublin.

Expert Window Ltd strives to provide our customers with honest and dependable service, which is why they return to us time and time again. We differ from other double glazing firms in that we never put you under any pressure to make a decision – the choice is always yours.

If you have a question or an issue, we’re always available and delighted to assist. Our friendly crew is here to listen to you so that we can get things done efficiently and on time. We are courteous, transparent, and experienced, and we recognise and respond to your specific double glazing demands. We cherish our customers’ comments.

Windows Type

  • Thermal Efficiency Through a Multi-Chambered Profile
  • High-Security Shootbolt Locking System
  • Constructed entirely of lead-free, recyclable materials
  • WER Energy Rating of up to A+12
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Weather-Sealing Double Action Gaskets

Casement Windows Dublin

Casement windows are becoming increasingly popular among homes in Dublin and the neighbouring areas. Our casement windows are designed to give your Dublin home a modern and simple appearance. Benefit from a number of features such as optimal security, a lead-free profile, and weatherproofing. Expert Window Ltd provides high-quality, adaptable casement windows to customers in Dublin.

Choose a new window that provides a modern and convenient option for your Dublin home. As a result, casement windows are the most popular window style among Dublin homeowners. A casement window is hinged to its frame and opens outwards. We offer low online prices for our windows and only work with the industry’s most recognised suppliers. As a result, you may be confident in Expert Window Ltd’s quality goods and service.

Begin your free online casement window quote and you’ll get competitive pricing in minutes. Alternatively, if you are still undecided about the best casement window style for your home, contact Expert Window Ltd immediately to discuss your home upgrades with our expert experts. We will assist you in locating the best window solution for your home in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Thermally Efficient

Liniar casement windows were designed with your home in mind. Upgrade to our double glazed casement windows to improve the energy efficiency of your Dublin home. With their multi-chambered profile, your home can achieve A+12 WER energy ratings.

If you want to sleep in a ventilated room, you can install a ‘night vent.’ Allowing you to safely create a consistent flow of air throughout your home. This feature is especially useful during the hot summer months. Furthermore, when you are at home during the summer, you can fully expand your window for maximum ventilation.

The British Fenestration Rating Council has authorised Expert Window Ltd. (BFRC). Our casement windows are totally sealed, which means that when closed, the window sash is forced against the frame, forming an airtight seal. Preventing cold air from entering your home and warm air from departing. Maintain a comfortable temperature in your Dublin home all year.

Maximum Security

With our double glazed casement windows, you can increase the security of your Dublin home. The style and performance of your new window will be both durable and high-quality. They will not only perform well throughout time, but they will also continue to look great.

Our windows are designed with your home and security in mind. As a result, our casement windows include high-security shootbolt locking mechanisms. They also have multi-point locking mechanisms in addition to this security feature. The end effect of our windows’ performance is unlike any other.

Made exclusively in the United Kingdom of lead-free, recyclable uPVC. Our Liniar casement windows are structurally solid, giving you piece of mind that your home and family are safe.

Features & Benefits

Hardware that is long-lasting

Our profile includes stainless steel friction stays for further security. For reliability, it has been tried and tested to 20,000 cycles.

Chamfered Rebate

Choose our chamfered rebate to give your new casement window a clean and classy look.

Maintenance is minimal.

Our casement windows are extremely low maintenance, requiring only a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking brand new.

Hinge Security

Because of the Secured by Design testing criteria, the Stay Guard Elite gadget can withstand twice as much force.

Slender Sightlines

Your home might benefit from more broad vistas of your outdoor living space with slimmer sightlines.

Energy Rating

Our cutting-edge window system was designed to attain a WER of A+12.

Casement Window Prices Dublin

If you want to improve the aesthetic of your Dublin home with double glazed casement windows, you’ve come to the perfect place. Our casement windows can be designed to match the style of your home.

Simply enter your specifications into our free online quote engine to receive competitive pricing in minutes. Customize your new windows by selecting from a variety of colours and finishes.

Alternatively, if you are still undecided about which casement window style is best for your home, please contact us. Call us at 087-363-9977, make an appointment, or use our online contact form.

Expert Window Ltd is always there to assist you in making the best home renovation decisions for your property in Dublin.

  • Optimal Thermal Efficiency with a Multi-chambered Profile
  • Shootbolt Locking System with a High Level of Security
  • 100% Lead-Free, Recyclable Materials
  • Energy Rating: A+12 WER
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • Double-action gaskets for weather sealing

Tilt & Turn Windows Dublin is a company that specialises in the installation of tilt and turn windows

For your homes in Dublin and the neighbouring areas, tilt and turn windows are becoming increasingly popular. You can be sure to locate the ideal window for your home thanks to the distinctive and multifunctional window design.

The tilt and turn window is suitable for any home, whether it’s a new construction or a heritage period cottage. This window style is ideal for high-rise apartments since it is easily accessible from the inside of the building and offers a low-maintenance window solution for your house.

Choose from a variety of configurable settings to make your tilt and turn windows unique to you. We provide a variety of colours, accessories, and finishes so that you may create a completely unique window design for your home in Dublin and the surrounding locations. Find out more about our tilt and turn windows and how we can assist you in making the best decisions for your house.

Security and Durability

With our long-lasting tilt and turn window options, you can increase the security in your house. Internal beading is incorporated into the frame of our windows to provide an almost impossible-to-break-in profile from the outside.

Your windows’ tilt feature provides for simple ventilation without jeopardising your home’s security. Anyone attempting to enter the tilt and turn window will find the space too small. Despite the fact that it is ideal for ventilating your home.

Our tilt-and-turn windows all include a 90-degree turn mechanism for convenient outside cleaning. Cleaning your windows has never been safer or easier. From the comfort of your own home, simply wipe them down.

Efficiency in terms of temperature

Upgrade to our double glazed tilt and turn windows to achieve amazing A+ energy ratings for your home. With a double-action bubble gasket that seals the windows and keeps your home airtight.

Maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year by keeping a proper amount of heat in your home. Our windows are designed to trap heat and avoid cold draughts even during the colder months.

For long-term corrosion prevention, choose to have your new window fitted with a completely integrated ‘FerGUard silver’ surface coating. A rebate gasket is also included in our tilt and turn window profile to keep moisture from forming.

Features and Advantages

Simple to Understand and Apply

The structure is designed to make it simple to use, having a dual-action movement.

Hardware that stands the test of time

Stainless steel friction stays are included in to provide more lasting hardware that has been tested for 20,000 cycles.

Rebate chamfered

For a clean and elegant finish to your new window, choose our chamfered rebate option.

Hinges with built-in functionality

UNI-JET hidden gears and integrated hinges provide your window a more appealing appearance.

Slender Aspects

You might get a better perspective of your outdoor space with slimmer sightlines.

Friendly to the environment

Environmentally friendly window solution made of 100% recyclable, lead-free components.

Prices for Tilt & Turn window in Dublin

For your home in Dublin or the surrounding areas, our tilt and turn windows are the perfect answer. Do you want a low-maintenance, multi-purpose window for your home? Tilt and turn windows from Dublin are an excellent choice.

Start your free online quote immediately and get our low-cost tilt and turn window price in minutes. Customize your new windows to match your current home’s decor.

Alternatively, you can phone us at 087-363-9977, schedule an appointment, or send us an email using our online form. Our team of professionals is always available to assist you in making the best home renovation selections for your Dublin or surrounding region home. So, this is the day to take the first step!

  • Enjoy a Flowing Design
  • Windows Energy Rating: A+
  • Style That Is Both Authentic and Sleek
  • Profile that is environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Secured by Design (Secure by Design) is a programme that certifies

Dublin Flush Casement Windows

The optimal adaptation to the original casement window is flush casement windows. Choose a window that is meant to lay flush within its frame, giving your property in Dublin and the surrounding surroundings the most authentic and aesthetically beautiful finish. The flush casement window is perfect for homes with older windows that could use some TLC to improve security and efficiency.

Your flush window has all the traditional style with modern benefits, replicating the design of pre and post war timber casement frames. Flush casement windows can have a very thin frame, which helps to increase the amount of glass and maximise your views of the outdoors.

Created fully customised for your home in Dublin and the surrounding areas, utilising the most up-to-date production techniques. We can custom create flush casement windows to fit your home, whether it’s a modern home or a mediaeval cottage.

Bespoke Designs That Are Authentic

It features a traditional sculpted curved shape that will mix well with the rest of your home. To give your home a delicate touch, flush casement windows rest nicely within their frame. Our flush windows lay the groundwork for a home that is both secure and well-insulated.

To simulate the grain of a timber window, choose from our variety of foiled finishes. Alternatively, why not create a bold statement with bright colours? Whatever window style you like for your Dublin house, we can produce an authentic bespoke design for you.

Choose from a variety of handle and glazing options to personalise your window. We have a variety of customised options available, so you can be sure to choose the ideal handle and glazing type to complement the rest of your home’s design.

Exceptional Thermal Performance

When you replace your windows with flush casement windows, you’ll get unrivalled levels of thermal efficiency. Double glazed as standard to ensure exceptional thermal performance in your home. With an A+ energy rating, you can rest assured that your home is environmentally friendly.

Double glazing traps pockets of air between the panes, allowing heat to be retained in your home. With a more thermally efficient glazing system, you can keep your home at a more pleasant temperature all year. With a multi chambered profile, you may be able to save money on your energy expenses.

When you combine their thermal capabilities with their low maintenance profile, you can be assured that maintaining the performance of your home will need very little work. Simply wipe them down with a moist cloth to keep their new appearance and feel. Modern uPVC is an excellent choice for your double glazing requirements.

Benefits & Features

Technology of Today

Our flush casement windows are manufactured of uPVC and feature a state-of-the-art modern design that complements your traditional window.

High-level security

Increase your home’s security by installing a window with cutting-edge high-security locking mechanisms.

Guaranteed for ten years

Our ten-year guarantee will put your mind at ease. Why shouldn’t you be confident in your windows as well?

Friendly to the Environment

Our windows are 100 percent recyclable, which means they will not only look fantastic in your home but will also help the environment.

Traditional Attractiveness

With our flush casement window design, you may have the traditional look of wood.

Efficiency in Energy

With multi chambered profiles for better energy efficiency, you can keep your home pleasant all year.

Prices for Flush Casement Windows in Dublin and Surrounding Areas

Flush casement windows are an excellent choice if you want a traditional window that looks like wood. Start your free online quote for a flush sash window today and get comparative pricing in minutes.

Simply enter your requirements, and a member of our skilled team will contact you with an estimate. In Dublin and the surrounding areas, take the first step toward designing your dream house.

Alternatively, if you require assistance in selecting the appropriate window type for your home, please contact us. Contact us by filling out our online contact form, scheduling an appointment, or calling us at 087-363-9977.

  • Optimal Thermal Efficiency with a Multi-Chambered Profile
  • Shootbolt Locking System with High Security
  • 100% Lead-Free, Recyclable Materials were used in the construction of this product.
  • WER Energy Rating of up to A+12
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Double-action weather-sealing gaskets

Dublin Sliding Sash Windows

Vertical sliding sash windows are the best way to keep your home in Dublin and the surrounding surroundings looking historic. Our uPVC sliding sash windows add a magnificent elegance to your home’s appearance while also providing modern benefits.

Choose a window that has been designed to withstand the test of time and has an easy-to-operate sliding feature. Improve the energy efficiency of your Dublin house with an uPVC sash window that is highly resistant to weather damage.

To give your home a modern period flair, we’ve replicated the old timber 1932 window frames. The sliding sash window, being one of the most common window forms, is extremely adaptable and can be customised to fit the style of any modern or historic home.

Benefit from a window that lends classic elegance to your property while also providing all of the modern benefits that uPVC provides. With Expert Window Ltd sliding sash windows, you may learn more about our windows and take the first step in designing your dream house.

Energy-Saving Design

Our uPVC sliding sash windows are far more energy efficient than conventional wooden sliding sash windows. The sash windows have a 24mm double glazed unit with a U value of 1.6W/m2K and an energy rating of ‘B.’

Additionally, use a filled argon gas unit to improve the energy efficiency of your Dublin home. The sliding sash window can then attain a ‘A’ energy rating and a U value of 1.4 W/m2K.

Allow more natural light to permeate your home by opting for slimmer sightlines. For a brighter, more comfortable living area, heat your home more naturally while allowing more light in.

Increased Security

For residences in Dublin and the surrounding areas, our sliding sash windows provide further security. We can give you with a more advanced window solution for your home, giving you piece of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Take advantage of our comprehensive high-security package, which complies with all PAS 24 criteria. Maintain the appearance of your classic home without jeopardising the structure’s security and safety.

Our sash windows are strong and won’t rot or distort with time. The seamless, yet modern security design creates a more sufficient, secure, and protective barrier.

Benefits & Features

Horns of Sash

Choose beautiful sash horns to give your window a classic, exquisite look. Replicating the look of traditional heritage dwellings.

Mechanism of Spring Balance

Spring balance mechanisms are used in our sliding sash windows to offset the weight, allowing for easy and quick operation.

Gaskets that are hidden

Low-level PCE concealed gaskets provide protection from the elements.

Child Safety

Because our sash windows are child-proof, the fitting restrictors keep young fingers safe by preventing the bottom sash from sliding.

High-level security

To improve the security of your home, uPVC vertical sliding sash windows can be equipped with high security cam locks.

Function of Tilt

Our sash windows have a built-in pivot bar that allows you to tilt your new windows for easy cleaning and ventilation.

Dublin and the neighbouring areas Sliding Sash Window Prices

For a conventional, convenient answer to your double glazing needs, choose our sliding sash windows. Our sash windows can be customised to fit any modern home’s style while also enhancing the appearance of your classic home.

Start your free online quotation immediately and get a quote for our low-cost sliding sash windows in minutes. Customize your window to match the style of your current Dublin or surrounding region property.

Alternatively, you can phone us at 087-363-9977, make an appointment, or use our online contact form. Our team of professionals is always happy to assist you in making the best option for your Dublin property.

  • Window Features That Are Original
  • Shape of a traditional Putty Bead
  • Authentic ‘Deep Bottom Rail’ and ‘Slim Meeting Rail’
  • Spacer Bar, Gaskets, and Draught Seals in a ‘White Suit’ (No Black Lines)
  • Design that requires little upkeep
  • Conservation Areas are the focus of this design.

Dublin’s Heritage Windows

Look no further than our heritage windows if you live in a conservation area or want to invest in the best replacement window available. The look of these sash windows is similar to that of traditional timber joinery. You won’t have to deal with the same high maintenance difficulties as you would with timber.

These heritage windows outperform their timber equivalents and will last for generations. The simple to operate window improves the security, weatherproofing, thermal performance, appearance, and value of your Dublin home.

The most genuine timber-alternative sash window for your home is our Heritage Windows. A slender mid-rail, sash horns, and a sash interlock are all features of this window. The pane can be tilted inwards to make cleaning easier.

With our Heritage windows, you can enjoy a window that will bring class and beauty to your Dublin house. To learn more about these windows, give us a call today. Alternatively, you may request a quote by clicking here.

Insulation (thermal and acoustic) is included as standard.

Expert Window Ltd’s heritage sash window is an excellent option to improve your home’s heat retention qualities. Our heritage windows have a multi-chambered pane that works in tandem with the glazing panes to trap warm air pockets and produce a ‘A’-rated thermal performance. Regardless of the weather outside, these windows will maintain natural warmth throughout your Dublin house throughout the year.

These historic windows will keep out loud noises as well as retaining heat. The window frame and double glazing work together to block out loud noises. When you close your window, you’re shutting the door on the outside world and closing the door on your Dublin home.

Built to withstand the elements

Our heritage windows are significantly less expensive than traditional soft or hard wood windows. These windows provide excellent weatherproofing for our Dublin customers, with the white matched spacer and glazing gasket helping to keep draughts out. Even in the most severe storms, Dublin residents can be assured that the elements will be kept out of their homes.

Unlike older wood windows, our sash profile will maintain its quality. Our heritage windows’ uPVC frames will not stretch, bow, twist, or split over frame. The colour is instilled into the frame, so there will be no need to repaint. To keep the frame looking as good as new, all the Dublin homeowner needs to do is wipe it down with a damp towel every now and then.

The Ideal Window Replacement

Our heritage windows are suitable for homeowners wishing to replace old wood windows in conservation areas. Traditional timber joinery is used to create these sash windows. It has subtle elements like interlocks, sash horns, and astragal bars that assist to maintain or add character to any Dublin property.

You can get a cleaner look for our heritage windows if you desire. The homeowner in Dublin can opt out of horns, wraparounds, and astragal bars. This will provide a clean look while yet retaining the sash look. Customers in Dublin can even opt for a matt surface instead of a woodgrain treatment, giving this window a more authentic appearance.

Benefits & Features

Mechanical Joints of the Past

Our uPVC Heritage Windows are one-of-a-kind in the manner they’re put together to seem like wood. The corners are mitre welded, while the bottom and mid-rails are mechanically joined (aka but joined).

Styling that is genuine

Our Heritage Windows have astragal bars secured within the design. The timber-line is secured to aluminium carrier bars for added strength and durability.

Mid-rail Slim

Unlike competitor products, our Heritage Windows have the slimmest meeting rail. This contributes to the unrivalled elegance of these windows.

Horns of Sash

The design’s sash horns are built without cap lines or wraparounds, so they look like traditional windows. You can order our Heritage Windows without horns if you choose.

Bottom Rail: Extra-Deep

The top, bottom, and sides of modern uPVC sliding sash windows all have the same 60mm frame size. Like period timber sliding sash windows, these Heritage Windows have a deeper bottom rail.

Authenticity is aided by the use of white.

Our Heritage Windows collection has white spacer bars along the inside margins of the double glass, white weather seals, and white rubber glazing gaskets to eliminate modern black lines.

Dublin and the neighbouring environs Heritage Window Prices

Today is the day to choose our heritage windows for your Dublin property. These historic sash windows will add character and value to your heritage while also improving the overall appearance.

Begin your free online quotation today and obtain a quote for our heritage windows in minutes. Customize your windows in Dublin and the surrounding locations to match the style of your existing home.

Alternatively, you can phone us at 087-363-9977, make an appointment, or use our online contact form. Our team of professionals is here to assist you in making the best option for your Dublin property.

  • uPVC Profile with Multiple Chambers
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency Ratings
  • Superior security
  • Design that is environmentally friendly
  • Double-action weather-sealing gaskets
  • Appearance in the Traditional Style

Sash Horn Windows is a Dublin-based company.

When you choose our sash horn windows for your Dublin house, you’ll get the best of both worlds: traditional appearance and modern performance. Our contemporary uPVC profile is ideal for homeowners in Dublin who have antique timber windows. While preserving a classic aspect, this design will improve the security and thermal appearance of your property.

This sash window is manufactured to seem like a sliding sash window yet opens like a casement window. Sash Horn windows, which come in a range of colours, are an excellent choice for historic Dublin homes. White, mahogany, cream foil, and more opulent designs like Grained Anthracite, Dark Blue, and Irish Oak are available. If you’d like to improve your home with our windows, you can get an instant quote by using our online quoting engine.

We can give a bespoke window that is custom-made to suit the style and aesthetic of your property thanks to the modern uPVC profile we use for our sash horn windows. Contact Expert Window Ltd immediately to talk about your home renovation project with a professional. We’ll pay attention to all of your demands and requirements in order to assist you in finding the ideal window for your home.

Traditional Joinery was a source of inspiration.

Our sash horn windows’ classic curving appearance and modern window designs enable the product fulfil the demands of the 21st-century Dublin homeowner.

Although these windows have a historic appearance, they do not require the same level of upkeep as timber windows. You can emulate the grain of luxury timber sliding windows with the foiled finish that may be applied to these windows.

Our Sash Horn windows can be adorned in a variety of colours to complement the style of your Dublin property, with the homeowner choosing the handle and glass options. Traditional monkey tail handles with peg stays, as well as other traditional patterns, might be included in the design. You’ll obtain sash horn windows that are designed exactly how you want them if you choose Expert Window Ltd.

Lowering Energy Costs

You may assist improve the thermal performance of your Dublin house by investing in our sash horn windows. These windows’ multi-chambered profile works in tandem with double or triple glazing panes to obtain A+ energy ratings. These windows will keep natural heat inside your home even in the coldest of winters.

You’ll start to rely less on your central heating as your Dublin home maintains heat for longer thanks to our sash horn windows. This will lower your energy expenditures, allowing you to spend more money on the activities you enjoy. As your energy consumption decreases, so will the property’s carbon footprint.

More than just trapping heat inside, our sash horn windows do a lot more. The variable Dublin weather will be kept out by these sash horn windows. Cold draughts and damp are kept out of your home thanks to the weatherseals included into the design. Even after repeated exposure, the quality of our uPVC profile is maintained. The frame will never warp, bow, rot, twist, flake, crack, or discolour, and all it takes to keep it looking new is an occasional wipe down with a moist cloth.

Benefits & Features

Traditional Appearance

These windows have the appearance of wooden box sash windows, preserving your home’s integrity, charm, and character.

Finishing by hand

Our uPVC Sash Horn Windows go through a rigorous hand finishing process to provide the highest degree of product quality in the market.

Security in the Twenty-First Century

This window comes with a money-back guarantee in the event of a break-in and is equipped with the Yale shootbolt locking system.

Weatherseals of Superior Quality

Weatherseals and unique horn gaskets safeguard your Dublin home from the inclement Dublin weather.

Horns That Work Together

The horns are screw-free because they are built into the uPVC frame. As a result, it has a smoother, more genuine appearance.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

With the multi-chambered design of these windows, you’ll be able to maintain a comfortable temperature all year long while also benefiting from greater energy efficiency.

Prices for Sash Horn window in Dublin

The design of Dublin’s sash horn windows is completely adaptable to your home, with custom frame designs, glass, traditional hardware, and even cills and trims.

To get an instant quote for our sash horn windows, enter the dimensions of your Dublin home. Our installers have completed projects all around Dublin and the neighbouring areas.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions about our sash horn windows. We’re here to listen to you so that you may get things done quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily routine. You can reach us by phone at 087-363-9977 or by filling out our online contact form, and one of our representatives will contact you.

  • Modern design
  • Precision Designed
  • Up to 1.5 W/m2K U-Values
  • Any colour from the RAL palette
  • Security in the Twenty-First Century
  • Guaranteed for 20 Years

Dublin Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows from Expert Window Ltd are a great alternative to traditional steel, timber, and even uPVC designs. These windows are ideal for both modern and historic residences in Dublin and its environs. This window not only has a sleek appearance, but it also has excellent thermal efficiency, security, weatherproofing, and other features. Larger glazing panes may be accommodated by the slender frame, allowing you to flood your house with light.

In Dublin and the surrounding areas, we install Smarts Aluminium and Origin aluminium windows. Unlike other window styles, the aluminium window can be painted in practically any RAL colour, making it a great fit for any home. To learn more about how our aluminium windows may help you improve your house, contact our staff now.

This window profile is ideal for homeowners who want to replace their outdated timber windows. The weather-resistant material provides superb looks year after year. Aluminium windows are one of the most environmentally responsible solutions for your home, with more than 75% of all aluminium ever created still in production. Your property’s carbon footprint will be reduced, and your energy expenses will be reduced as a result of the profile.

Our aluminium windows have a sash that fits neatly within the window frame. This eliminates overlapping frames, resulting in slim sightlines for Dublin residents. This window, which weighs 67 percent less than steel, provides the ideal blend of natural strength and light design.

To discuss your home upgrades with our team of specialists, contact Expert Window Ltd now. Before recommending the ideal window for your home, our experts will listen to your preferences and requirements.

There will be no high-maintenance headaches.

The aluminium profile we use for our aluminium windows is incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance from the homeowner in Dublin. The frame will not warp, rot, discolour, bow, or break even after repeated exposure to the elements. Each of our windows is designed to last for many years. This will ensure that they seem as good as new for many years to come, requiring only the odd wash down with a moist cloth to maintain the appearance.

The lightweight structure of the aluminium frame combines toughness and strength, making it simple to install. The colour is embedded inside the profile itself. This implies that the colour of our aluminium windows will not discolour or fade even after prolonged exposure. The Dublin homeowner will not have to repaint the frame as a result of this.

Excellent Design

The framework of our aluminium windows is designed to a bare minimum. This allows the Dublin homeowner to bring as much light into their home as possible. Because of the compact frame, huge panes of frame can be accommodated.

Aluminium windows can be matched to existing doors and windows. This window combines the benefits of aluminium with the traditional appearance of timber. You can choose a more contemporary treatment on your aluminium windows if you want a window that sticks out.

We can provide the Dublin homeowner aluminium windows that are built to last because we mix high grade aluminium with modern engineering, superb craftsmanship, and quality control.

Benefits & Features

Security in the Modern World

Aluminium is a sturdy and durable material that, when combined with our latest security systems, provides a high level of security throughout the window.

Long-Term Benefits

Each of our aluminium windows is built to last a long time. This window comes with a twenty-year warranty.

Design that is light in weight

Because aluminium windows are 67 percent lighter than steel windows, this design offers the ideal blend of natural strength and a slim profile.

Looks timeless

Our aluminium windows have a sash that fits neatly within the window frame. This eliminates overlapping frames and creates thin sightlines.

Customizable Product

Our aluminium windows are available in over 150 RAL colours, as well as dual colour options for a truly unique design.

Energy Efficiency Rating

These windows have an A++ WER and a U Value of 0.9W/m2K thanks to its superior triple weather seal and clever thermal break.

Dublin Aluminium Window Prices

Our aluminium window collection is increasingly becoming a must-have in houses around Dublin and the neighbouring areas. Its adaptable design allows it to be styled to fit any home, whether new or historic. Get in touch with us today to learn more and contact a quote tailored to your property.

Expert Window Ltd provides a dedicated, experienced, and dependable team of installers who will do all possible to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Our staff has built a reputation for providing excellent customer service and attention. We are specialists in our area and provide a diverse selection of products and services, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards in the United Kingdom. We routinely exceed the stringent requirements set forth by the accrediting organisation FENSA.

By choosing Expert Window Ltd, you won’t have to settle with anything less. We have installed double glazing throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas. We’re confident that with a customizable design, we’ll be able to discover the perfect fit for your home.

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  • Expertly crafted
  • Designed with you in mind
  • Use for a Long Time
  • Hand-painted or sprayed in the factory
  • Assurance of high quality
  • Designed for Conservation Areas and Listed Structures

Dublin Timber Windows

It might be tough to discover the ideal modern double glazing solution for Dublin homeowners who live in antique or traditional homes. We provide timber windows as a solution to this issue, with each one custom-made to fit your home. Our window collection will trap pockets of warm air, allowing you to maintain a pleasant temperature in your Dublin home all year round while keeping out the elements. Contact our staff now to learn more about how these visually appealing and energy-efficient windows can enhance your Dublin home.

Expert Window Ltd offers a variety of timber window styles to meet your Dublin year’s needs. For many years, we’ve been installing timber windows throughout Dublin and the neighbouring areas. Our staff can create a window that is a great match for your home, making it excellent for conservation areas and historic properties.

Unparalleled design

For many people, a timber window is seen as being expensive and requiring a lot of maintenance. Our high-quality timber windows are designed to endure a long time and require little upkeep. We can provide homeowners in Dublin with the assurance that their window will survive for many years.

We supply premium-quality timber windows. This permits the window to provide 50 years of outstanding service if properly maintained. A homeowner in Dublin can choose from a variety of upgrades and refurbishments to extend the life of their timber.

Our premium joinery for our timber windows is four coatings thick or three heavier coats thick. One undercoat and three top coats, or one timber preservative coat, one undercoat, and two top coats, make up the four-coat procedure. This is painted with a superior formula and will last for at least ten years, as opposed to two to four years on other timber designs. UV radiation will not harm the surface or the colour because of the strong pigment utilised.

Security in the Twenty-First Century

In comparison to conventional uPVC, timber has a higher degree of stiffness. Then, with our timber windows, we add the finest locks. This ensures that you and your family are safe in your Dublin house.

Within our wood windows, we install hardwood sills. This keeps them from deteriorating as a result of the sill resting on moist, exposed stone or brickwork. We make the window frames 30 percent stronger than normal timber during the manufacturing and engineering process, avoiding any risk of warping or twisting.

Benefits & Features

Options for Glazing

Double and triple glazing are available from our timber window manufacturers. The glazing panes will enhance your home’s heat retention and soundproofing qualities.

Colors can be changed

The homeowner in Dublin can choose from a variety of RAL and Farrow & Ball colours. Whether you’re looking for a classic look, a contemporary focal point, or to match existing shades, we’ve got you covered.

Varieties of timber

We have a variety of woods, such as laminated Nordic redwood and Accoya, that have a long life expectancy and the capacity to hold paint for a long time.

Glazing with a decorative finish

You can use decorative glazing with lead strips on the glass pane to increase the privacy of your home while still allowing light in.

Options for Handling

Dublin residents can select from a style of handle and furniture alternatives to complement or enhance the window’s original charm.

Sashes that aren’t real

This window is designed to provide ‘equal sightlines’ in all directions. Working period butt hinges are another option for your timber windows.

Prices of Timber window in Dublin

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our timber windows for your Dublin house. Over the phone or in person, we can provide you with quick and easy prices for our timber windows. Our company has a strong reputation in our community for providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we are glad to be a FENSA-certified installer with years of experience.

Our team has installed timber windows throughout Dublin and the neighbouring areas. If you live in this area, contact us today by phone or email to learn more about our timber windows.

Expert Window Ltd has years of experience installing timber windows in homes throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas. No matter how big or little your project is, we’re confident in our ability to do it quickly and efficiently. We can provide timber windows that will improve your home, whether you want to enhance the character of your home or compliment the contemporary design.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case if you are investing in a new house and getting your windows fixed then opting for triple glazed windows is a great option. The triple-glazed window is helpful in increasing efficiency and reducing noise.
Expert Windows Ltd. is a great place to buy a double casement window in Dublin. We have got a wide range of variety for your every requirement. You just need to choose the perfect option as per your need. Visit us and get to know about the price offers.
There are various advantages of buying a casement window such as ease in operating, energy efficiency, superior security, great ventilation system, superior security, and a lot more. Casement windows also look elegant if purchased as per the place requirement.
Buying a triple glazed window holds various advantages of its own. But it is important that you rely upon a quality supplier for great results. Durability, decrease in sound transmission, increase in security, and energy efficiency are a few benefits that you must know about.

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