What a Spline Roller Is and How to Use It


Installing a new display on a door or window demands a unique resource called a spline roller. When building repairs to screens, this device is used to install the vinyl twine, or spline, that secures the display screen inside the channel of the monitor body. Spline rollers are at times called display installation applications or display screen rolling resources, and these handy equipment are used to maintenance steel-body screens, monitor doors, and window screens. Keep in brain that spline rollers are unable to be used to repair wooden body screens. Although this resource may only provide 1 objective, it’s an important part for completing display installations—and it helps make the occupation much less difficult.

What Is a Spline Roller?

A spline roller is a tool designed for monitor installation that rolls spline into its channel to maintain the display in area. Spline rollers use a rolling wheel that fits about the spline to push it down.

Components of a Spline Roller

A normal spline roller is made up of a wooden deal with with a metal wheel on every single end. The wheels seem equivalent at a glance, but close inspection reveals that one particular has a thin edge grooved outward (this is the convex wheel) and the other has an inward-grooved edge (this is the concave wheel).

The convex wheel is only applied when putting in metallic screens. This pushes the new display into the channel of the display screen frame before you install the spline, pre-shaping the display screen inside the channel so the spline will go inside of willingly. The concave wheel is utilized to push the spline—with the monitor beneath it—into the channel. With a fiberglass screen, you can do this in just one movement no pre-shaping is necessary.

What Spline to Use

Spline comes in various distinct diameters, from 9/64 (.14) inch to 7/32 (.21) inch. If the replacement display is the exact same style as the previous material, use the exact spline sizing as the authentic. If the new monitor is thicker than the outdated display, pick out just one measurement lesser for the spline. It is handy to provide a piece of your old spline to the hardware retail store with you to review different measurements till you uncover the right solution.


Some individuals advise making use of pizza cutters or screwdrivers instead of spline rollers to restore screens. Not only can these depart discouraging holes in your spline or monitor, but they is not going to install it evenly—and pizza cutters can even slash your fingers when they slip off the spline.

How to Use a Spline Roller

If you happen to be restoring the screen on a sliding door, you will have to have to take away the screen door right before changing the display screen and spline. Always minimize the new screen to measurement to start with, leaving it a couple inches larger sized than the body.

If you happen to be making use of a steel display, it truly is significant to pre-match the screen into the body channels before introducing spline (this stage is not essential for a fiberglass monitor). Use the convex wheel of your spline roller to press the metallic display screen within. After your display is geared up, it really is time to install the spline.

  1. Begin With A single Corner

    Lay your display more than the door or window frame, then get started setting up spline on major to protected it inside of. Setting up at 1 corner, push the conclusion of the spline into its channel, employing the concave (inward-grooved) wheel of the spline roller.


    Never slash the spline to suit every side—you can use the full bundle of spline in 1 piece all around the body, then trim any further when you are accomplished.

  2. Roll the Spline

    Go the roller along the spline, forcing the display and spline into the body channel. As you go, you can tug gently on the edge of the unfastened display (ahead of the roller), so it stays flat, but do not pull it restricted the motion of pushing the monitor into the channel will tighten it as you transfer around the body. Move the roller with short strokes, heading in one particular route. Consider not to go back and forth.

  3. Use a Screwdriver for Corners

    Push the spline into corners, as desired, with a compact screwdriver. Be careful not to slash through the display with the screwdriver. Only touch the screwdriver to the spline alone to steer clear of building holes in your new display screen.

  4. End Just about every Aspect

    Work your way around the body in just one path to finish each individual more aspect of your screen. Go on gently holding the free display limited, but try to remember that the spline will tighten it to a degree on its very own.

  5. Trim Supplemental Resources

    When you arrive at the starting off corner, cut the excessive spline with scissors or a utility knife and press the finish into the channel. Trim the further display to make it flush with the outside the house of the spline.

Retaining Spline Rollers Thoroughly clean

Because spline rollers are not often employed in most homes, their wheels can acquire buildup from currently being saved in toolboxes or drawers that collect dust. If your spline roller’s wheels start to adhere, basically rinse it off and wipe it down with h2o or a degreaser like WD-40. When making use of h2o, dry metal wheels afterward to stop rust.

When to Switch Your Spline Roller

Some spline rollers have plastic wheels that can develop into cracked or destroyed over time. At the time one particular of the wheels is cracked, the device will not function correctly. Fortunately, spline rollers are typically affordable, and a new device can be obtained at most hardware suppliers.


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