Characteristics Of Casement Windows


Casement windows are usually characterised by a window with just one or additional hinges, attached to a body. In advance of the arrival of sash windows, they were the most popular variety of windows used in households. Casements ended up as soon as the most broadly purchased fashion of windows, before sash windows grew to become commonplace. They historically consisted of framed glass panes that had been fastened in put by strips of direct and the window could be opened outwards.

Handy Attributes

Whole Opening

Casements can be opened significantly even further than any other style, because the total window can be swung open up. This can be compared to the next kinds of windows.

Double-hung model: the total window can not be opened only the upper or lower fifty percent can be open up at any just one time.

Sliding: only a single aspect of the window can be opened with this variety of window.

Mounted: these windows are unable to be opened at all.

Casement windows are a well known preference, in particular if the dimensions of the window opening is vital.

Harder for Split-ins/Extra challenging for Crack-ins

Casement windows element a hook formed, embedded casement lock which is really inaccessible to somebody outside and so makes the window incredibly challenging to crack into.

In comparison the double-hung style of window can be opened really easily by lifting the sash using a extensive object these types of as a pry bar.

Utmost Ventilation

The truth that the overall window can be opened allows for most ventilation. Also, wind which blows sideways along the home wall will obtain it tough to penetrate, hence generating a lack of air flow. Considering that casements have an opening sash they can fundamentally direct the wind into the residence which can be in particular helpful if you have any windows instantly dealing with one more setting up with pretty minor space in involving.

Opening & Closing

Casements are quick to open up and near because of to their one leaver or tandem latches, and they can even be enhanced by fitting computerized openers.



The massive window opening can be risky at high amounts, considering that the gap is ordinarily ample for tiny particular person or child to crawl out of and thus poses a risk for families with younger small children.

Incompatibility with Air Conditioning

Casements ordinarily do not cater well for air-conditioning units considering that they open up outwards, specially when in contrast to other types such as sliding windows.

Sizing Limits

Casements are developed to open up outwards which means the opening demands to be powerful plenty of to aid the window. This sites limits on how significant a casement can be without the need of placing unneeded strain on the window opening.


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