How to Rekey a Lock


When you need to have your dwelling door locks rekeyed, you can always acquire solely new locks and install them. But this is an highly-priced remedy to a uncomplicated challenge it wastes locks and doorknobs simply for the sake of getting new keys. Moreover, if you want to rekey numerous locks, you close up with a number of keys. The finest option is to rekey your locks.

Rekeying a lock is a popular activity for a locksmith. Householders may well not know that they can rekey their locks by by themselves. Rekeying your locks saves appreciable income, specially when you will need to rekey multiple locks. In addition, if you like new problems, rekeying a lock can be an inexpensive challenge that aids you master how locks work.

How a Lock Performs

Door knobs, door levers, and deadbolts with keyed locks typically have two sets of pins set within just a plug: driver pins and critical pins. Pushing a critical into the plug forces the pins up and down at various heights.

The driver pins are all the similar length and attached to springs. These will not be changed out when rekeying the lock. The other set, the essential pins, are of distinct lengths and will be eradicated and replaced through the rekeying approach.

When a lock is locked, the two sets of pins act as road blocks, stopping the plug from rotating. When a crucial is pushed into the plug, it contacts the critical pins. The critical pins, in switch, contact the driver pins and carry them in alignment at the shear line, letting the plug to turn and consequently open the lock.

How Rekeying a Lock Works

When you rekey a lock by your self, you will have to have to purchase a rekey package that is unique to your brand name of doorknob, lever, or deadbolt.

You will receive several keys (usually among three and six keys), all identically reduce. A established of pins comes with the kit, numbered or coloration-coded to recognize their positions in the plug.

The new keys correspond to the new pins. In most circumstances, all other items of the lock remain the exact same. A couple of easy tools are normally bundled with the kit.

When to Rekey Your Lock

Locks are most typically rekeyed when a single or extra keys have been dropped or stolen. Rekeying the lock or locks guarantees that an individual who could locate the key—and can match the crucial to its lock—cannot open up the lock and enter the home.

Aside from safeguarding in opposition to probable robbers, locks are normally rekeyed when renters, housemates, spouses, or partners leave the dwelling but nevertheless have a crucial or could have duplicated the critical.

Is It Lawful to Rekey Your Locks?

Frequently, as extensive as you own the house to which the lock and critical belong, you may rekey the lock. This assumes no other factors are concerned. A person notable established of variables may be landlord-tenant guidelines that restrict or prohibit rekeying when the renter is still residing on the assets. Equally, as a tenant, it is unlikely that you may rekey a lock without the need of the landlord’s authorization.

As these can be complicated difficulties, check with a qualified attorney about this or any other question about the legality of rekeying your lock.

In advance of You Commence

If all of the keys are missing, you are going to want to simply call a locksmith. At minimum a single functioning vital is necessary to rekey a lock by oneself.


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