How to Insulate Windows


When extreme cold or scorching temperatures bear down, your home’s interior could suffer if the structure’s thermal envelope is not carrying out its job. Cold and heat can enter your residence by myriad avenues. Before you appear at massive expanses like partitions, ceiling, and flooring, think about more compact intrusion factors that are the a lot more probably culprits: windows. Excessive temperatures can press into your household both by means of and about windows, even with high-quality windows that are in excellent shape. Not only is fenestration (how your windows are configured) a key space of thermal loss, but it is also just one of the easier locations to fix.

Insulating windows, a straightforward and economical project, can reap enormous advantages for your ease and comfort level and your regular energy invoice. While insulation cannot rework a bad window into a large-effectiveness window, it can make a marginal difference to get you via a season or two. More recent, major-high quality windows may well only demand insulating draperies, but very likely not the complete array of insulating actions advised down below.

When to Insulate Your Windows

Ideally, you need to insulate your windows prior to chilly temperature sets in. On the other hand, mainly because it is tricky to evaluate the condition of windows’ insulating abilities when temperatures inside of and outdoors are nearly equal, you may well desire to wait around right until it is time to commence biking on the heat or air conditioner.

Most of these window insulating ways are economical. Shrink-suit window film insulation, caulking, weatherstripping, and spray foam are so affordable that you can recoup their charges in power personal savings over one or two seasons. Of all of the techniques, setting up vitality-economical window treatment options is the most costly.

Knowledge Window Insulating Products

It can help to fully grasp how and why an insulating products or content is effective all around a window. Make sure you realize the particularities of the item you strategy to use just before you start out insulating your windows.

Window Movie Insulation

Transparent window movie functions greatest to lessen photo voltaic heat from passing by way of the glass in summer months months and some films keep area heat in the winter season months. Films appear in substantial sections that are slice to the window measurement during set up. The film attaches to the outside of the interior window frame with double-sided tape. Frivolously blowing heat air in excess of the film with a hairdryer tightens the movie. Acting a great deal like the argon or krypton gasoline that fills the area between double-glazed window panes, the useless air pocket created among the movie and the window hinders air and thermal infiltration.


Window movie insulation is different from reflective window movie (or lower emissivity film). The reflective movie sticks directly on the glass while window movie insulation need to remain absent from the glass.


Caulk is cheap and uncomplicated to use. All caulk periodically needs to be reapplied, especially if the window place is topic to increasing and contracting. Expect that you will very likely will need to strip away and re-caulk these locations just after just a 12 months or two.

There are three styles of caulk for distinct surfaces. Use h2o-dependent latex caulk for cracks in the window sash or all-around the window that are 1/4 inch vast or a lot less. Silicone-based mostly caulk is best for metal and glass surfaces and is not paintable. Paint-high-quality caulk is used for sections that you intend to paint.


Weatherstripping is straightforward to implement and will depart no residue or mess when removed. When used to movable window sections, the window are not able to be opened or shut. If you do want to open the window, the stripping ought to be taken out. Normally this is an appropriate alternative given that windows tend to stay shut throughout the wintertime anyway.

Gaps all-around stationary sections in or all-around windows can be stuffed with EPDM, foam, or felt weatherstripping. The gap among the sash and the window frame can also be temporarily crammed with weatherstripping. You should not neglect to weatherstrip areas where by cold air very easily seeps in, these types of as your garage.

Spray Foam

Only existing huge and accessible gaps around the window frame really should be stuffed with expandable spray foam. Aided by a extensive nozzle, spray foam can access places that you can’t arrive at by inserting fiberglass insulation by hand. Spray foam is tricky to regulate and can promptly grow out of the wall cavity and on to the wall or floor, so be positive to buy lower-expansion foam for use as window insulation and make guaranteed you safeguard locations the place you don’t want the foam to adhere.

Electrical power-Productive Window Therapies

Insulating window treatments that offer additional insulation tend to arrive in two varieties: thick aspect-drawn draperies or vertically-drawn mobile shades. Insulating draperies and shades only get the job done when closed.

Draperies are significantly thicker than regular curtains and have tie-backs to maintain them versus the wall, further blocking air infiltration. During incredibly hot months, draperies with white plastic backings can significantly bring down the home’s warmth.

The pleated-sort shades that are vertically opened and closed may glance like mini-blinds at to start with glance when they are open. Yet when they are down and closed, you can see that their cellular building types air pockets to help sustain indoor temperatures.

Draft Stoppers

Usually utilized to block the gaps below doors, material draft stoppers, also recognised as draft snakes, can block the gap among the base of the window sash and the window frame. Draft snakes have very handful of downsides due to the fact they are so cheap and effortless to make or acquire. Just comprehend that they block only a person of 4 possible draft factors together the perimeter of a window sash. They are excellent for soundproofing as very well.


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