How Durable Are Laminate Cupboard Doors?


Even while laminate cabinet doors are nearly the most affordable variety for your cupboards, they are far from staying the least expensive in good quality. When talking from a standpoint of toughness, I imagine superior-tension plastic laminate doors are the most long lasting of all.

Now I have been in the kitchen area cupboard producing enterprise for quite a few years and have owned numerous corporations related to the sector. I have noticed my share of aged Formica cabinets that had been in outstanding shape. I have also found some that ended up not in these types of great condition. Just like just about anything else, when something is managed effectively, it can be achievable “that” a thing will final a life time.

Laminate doors will last 30 to fifty yrs. The only matter that is demanded of the entrepreneurs is to retain them wiped down consistently. Formica doors are effortlessly cleaned with Windex, Formula 409 or just a moist fabric.

If you are contemplating obtaining Formica in your kitchen area or lavatory, may I recommend that you choose white or off white for the coloration. By way of the years these two hues have extensive withstood the ever shifting kitchen cupboard traits. Quite a few unique shades and designs of laminate get discontinued every single calendar year, but white continues to be on the coloration chip chains of all the suppliers.

Now it is vital that you DO NOT confuse Formica laminate doors with Thermofoil doors. Elevated panel Thermofoil doors WILL NOT previous as long as the challenging-shell, superior stress plastic laminate doors.

The two things that have a destructive outcome on Formica plastic laminate doors are how they are fabricated and cared for. If the manufacture did not use adequate glue on the doors, then you will knowledge challenges. In my specialist belief this only occurs once in 10 thousand kitchens.

It truly is vital to comprehend the change concerning a Melamine door and a plastic laminate door. Melamine is in fact applied to the core board by the persons who make the board. Formica laminate is utilized by the individuals making your kitchen. Melamine is NOT as durable as laminate it is thinner and not accessible in as lots of colours as Formica.

In this article are a several cabinet door styles outlined from cheapest to the most costly:

  • Melanine
  • Plastic Laminate Doors
  • Thermofoil
  • Genuine Wooden

Here’s a list of cabinet doorway variations from the lowest quality to the greatest:

  • Thermofoil
  • Melamine
  • True Wooden
  • Formica

The way laminate doors are designed is the sheet of plastic is purchased separately from the board. The board will get minimize to the accurate measurement for cabinet doors and then the plastic is slash a small around dimension. The laminate edges of the door are glued on first. Following, the entrance and backsides of the doors are covered with the Formica. Make contact with glue is utilised as the adhesive and routers are what the laminate is trimmed flush with the door’s edges with. Cupboard makers use a file to smooth off the sharp edges. Any accessibility make contact with adhesive is cleaned off with lacquer thinner.

Kitchen cupboard doors are laminated with “vertical” grade or VT plastic. This is the thinner of the two alternatives. Countertops are produced out of the thicker plastic that is named “regular” thickness. VT is typically a single 30 second of an inch thick and common is a person sixteenth of an inch thick.

If you are considering receiving Formica plastic laminate doors for your kitchen area or bathroom, inquire your cupboard maker if they can be 3 quarters of an inch thick. Five eighths thick laminate doors are long lasting and keep up very well, but the thicker possibility will be extra sturdy in the extensive run.


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