Sound Wooden vs. Sound Core vs. Hollow Main Doors


  Solid Wood Stable Main Hollow Core
Fundamentals Whether or not Interior or exterior, this all wood door is ordinarily body-and-panel, not a single slab. Engineered wood core with normal wooden veneer for interiors. Fireplace-resistant mineral core doors are obtainable. Paperboard or plastic main with wood shell for interiors only. Prevalent in numerous new homes.
Professionals Very good resale value, good, blocks sound perfectly. Steady, will not bend or warp, great audio resistance. Affordable, light-body weight, straightforward to install.
Disadvantages Costly, warps. Major, tricky to install. Damages very easily, weak resale.

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Stable Wooden Doors

Reliable wooden doors are commonly designed with a body-and-panel construction that works by using natural wood—whether a softwood like pine or a hardwood like oak or maple. Not often, if at any time, are wood doors made from a good wood slab.

Exterior doors made from wooden normally use sound wooden building for energy and security. With interior doors, even so, you have other options. 

Good wooden doors are 100-% normal wood, except for the components or add-ons. Number of strong wood doors are solitary, unified slabs of wood since wood of that dimension is approximately not possible to receive and since sound slabs can warp or crack. Solid wooden doors are now designed with a frame-and-panel design. 

Audio-blockage is very good to outstanding, dependent on wooden species. Softwoods like pine are not incredibly seem-proof, but hardwoods this kind of as oak and maple are superb at blocking audio transmission among rooms. 

The typical wood panel door looks and feels like just one piece of wood, although it is not. The classic six-panel door has been all over for centuries and is built of individual panels, mullions, stiles, and rails that keep floating panels. When stained or painted, a wood panel door looks like a strong slab of wooden that has been formed with ornamental contours. 

Stable wooden doors can be made use of for both equally inside and exterior doors. When used for exteriors, the wooden ought to be completed or painted. Solid wooden doors are a superior option where historical authenticity is ideal. 

Hollow-Main Doors

Hollow-main doors are built with a thin layer of wooden or fiberboard applied in excess of a core of honeycombed cardboard or plastic. Hollow-core doors are charge-saving products generally applied for the several inside passage doors observed in a dwelling.

Most mid-variety production residences constructed today obtain hollow-core interior doors as a matter of class. Cheap and lightweight, these doors are straightforward to install and can save hundreds of bucks on design charges, because a usual property may possibly have a dozen or additional interior doors. 

To call these doors hollow is relatively misleading since they do have a honeycombed main positioned inside of a sound wood outer frame, around which the surface area veneer is glued. The body and honeycomb core gives some rigidity to the door, as perfectly as minimum seem-blocking capability. The important amount of vacant area lends the word hollow to the door and also aids make the door mild so that it is straightforward to cling and uncomplicated to swing.

Though hollow-core doors are in some cases maligned, they do have their position in the household for remaining vastly more cost-effective than both strong wood or solid main doors. If you need to install doors in the course of your overall house, you can conserve a great offer of cash by making use of hollow-main doors for bedrooms, bathrooms, pantries, and closets.

Just one draw back of hollow main doors is that the edges are not included by the veneer.


  • Inadequate seem blockage

  • Lousy fire resistance

  • Structurally weak

  • Uncovered edges

Solid-Main Doors

Sound-core doors depict an interim building system in which a high-quality-grade floor wooden veneer is glued above a good core created of engineered wood, this sort of as fiberboard or Masonite. Sound-core wood doors can be utilized for either exterior or interior doors.

Reliable-core wood doors are produced with quality wood veneers glued about a reliable main of engineered or composite wooden, giving them the principal virtues of both good wooden and hollow-core doors: they are somewhat affordable nevertheless quite sturdy and good in feel. For the reason that of the significant density of engineered wooden, these doors could essentially be heavier and much better than some sound wooden doors. 

These medium-priced doors can be additional inexpensive than solid wood. The sound blockage is superb. Sound-main doors present excellent fire resistance when they are at minimum 1 3/4 inches thick. Design helps make them resistant to enlargement and contraction owing to humidity adjustments.

Some strong-main doors supposed to appear like painted wooden use no surface area veneer at all—they are sound slabs of MDF or one more engineered wooden, shaped and molded to give the look of a painted frame-and-panel door. 


  • Outstanding seem blockage

  • Mid-priced

  • Great hearth resistance

  • Resists warping


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